Getting in the Groove brings professional musicians to schools for enriching live music events

while prioritizing inclusion in music education for neurologically diverse students. We call these events...


Each Groove Session comes with an array of multimedia resources designed to introduce students to the event's sounds and activities well in advance of the live event. 

Each classroom receives a countdown calendar and visual schedule, making our Grooce Session routine easy to see and understand.

Each Groove Session is focused on a theme and features fundamental music topics, engaging activities, 

and beautiful music from a variety of genres! 

Each Groove Session employs a variety of Staying in the Groove strategies along the way to help should a child begin to feel nervous or overwhelmed.

Groove Resources are available to classrooms to use in the ways that best suit their needs and time. Families can even join in the

fun at home!

Our official mascot and visual guide, Mews, will offer a friendly, relatable perspective to children while navigating each Groove Session through social stories and other fun adventures!

We are currently creating and curating resources for our first Groove Session theme: Storytelling Through Song!

We have assembled a team of experts in music performance and education,

arts leadership, school counseling, and visual art.

We plan to premiere our debut full-length Groove Session during the 2020-2021 schoolyear.

That's why we'll be hosting mini Groove Sessions, offering byte-sized activities,

and creating fun content to keep us Grooving all summer long!


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