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Mews is the official mascot and navigator for Getting in the Groove! Mews will explain fun activities, listen to music with you, and share their tips and tricks for

staying in the groove. 

Mews connects with children and helps them navigate Groove Sessions with social stories, in-home and classroom activities, and even YouTube videos.

Mews will also share tips and tricks for staying in the groove when a

child begins to feel nervous or overwhelmed.


Most importantly, although Mews looks a lot different than we do, they have a lot in common with young musicians and is there to show that

everyone can participate in music in their own way! 


Read-Along Story, "How I Met Mews"

"Getting To Know Mews" Activity Sheet


Submit your drawing, music, or note to Mews and you just might see or hear it on our Getting in the Groove Instagram! Mews isn't much of a talker but he'll do his best to respond to artist submissions! (Of course, all young creatives must have permission from a parent or guardian to send in artwork!)